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Ormond Beach Observer Saturday, Oct. 13, 2012 7 years ago

Letters 10.11.12


Dear Editor.

I'm against adding fluoride to our water supply and believe a new vote should be held to see if the rest of the city is with me.

I say, let the burden of proof lie with the chemical company supplying the fluoride. In Tennessee, a wonderful law was put into place that requires anything that is added to drinking water, that is not for the cleaning of it, to have the company provide a declaration that it is not harmful to humans. Our current fluoride company hasn't provided this declaration.

I am looking forward to the next City Commission meeting, Oct. 16, and will be gathering as many Ormond Beach residents to attend to speak their views as I can. Fluoride is not necessary, cost tax dollars and fills our landfills with filters that the people of Ormond Beach shouldn't have to spend their money on in the first place. Simple logic!

I am a native. I am a parent. And I do not want fluoride added to our water. Mayor Ed Kelley says he wants to respect the voters -- well, a vote from 1957 (which is the last time the public has been polled on this issue) is unacceptable. If the city really cares about the people it serves, it should listen to the people who are paying for this water every month.


Tanya Sterling 

Ormond Beach

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