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Ormond Beach Observer Thursday, Oct. 25, 2012 6 years ago

Letters 10.25


Not on my dime

Dear Editor,

I am deeply offended by the city allowing an organized group to rally against "Obamacare," abortion and contraception in the Stand Up for Religious Freedom rally at The Casements — which is city property — October 20.

I informed the city of my concerns and their response was that all permits and rental fees had been obtained and paid. By allowing this group to proselytize their veiled "nonreligious" beliefs on city property, the city condones these stances and beliefs. Nonreligious? I don't think so.

Shame on the city, its commissioners and staff.  It’s a sad day for separation of church and state, and our First Amendment.


S. Hoxie

Ormond Beach

Where’s my workman’s comp?

Dear Editor,

Something needs to change with workman’s comp.

On, March 29, 2007, I was working for the city of Daytona Beach and took a hard fall that has kept me out of work and heavily medicated ever since. But I haven’t gotten a dime of workman’s compensation.

The only help that I’ve received is from at an Ormond Beach doctor who wrote a letter to the state representative, to see if he could help address this issue.

After the fall, I was placed on light duty in April by the city doctor. I was later admitted to the hospital and was told my back and neck were destroyed. I was told by a surgeon that I would need surgery. Then, on June 13, I had surgery on both my neck and my back. I underwent surgery again Sept. 25.

Since the fall, five doctors have stated that the No. 1 cause of my injuries was the slip and fall on the job. The doctor said I’m going to be on medication my whole life.

Around here, a lot of people are scared of the city of Daytona Beach. And no attorney wants to take the case because it’s against the city. I need to get some light on this situation.


Hosea Crooms

Daytona Beach

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