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Ormond Beach Observer Friday, Aug. 2, 2013 6 years ago

LETTERS: Don't be fooled; wood peckers are no laughing matter


Wood peckers have funny names, but the damage they cause is serious; following up on an almost rock star; and, thanks for the photo feature.


Hey, wood peckers aren’t funny!

Dear Editor,

*Editor’s note: This reader wrote her letter in response to the story “What ‘woody’ you say: Pecker spotted mid-peck,” in last week’s Our Town section.

1. I love the Ormond Beach Observer — thank you!

2. What I “woody” say is this: These wood peckers literally destroy property.

The facial boards on the entrance to my home were replaced today — the cost: $170.

Three of the pictured wood peckers (two adults and one small) drilled holes in these board one-half inch wide and three- six-inches long (no exaggeration!), eating the eggs where carpenter bees lay their eggs.

Take heed. Wondering how to deter them. Any suggestions?

Mary Ellison

Ormond Beach 

Freelance isn’t free

Dear Editor,

Thank you and your freelancer Paula Buck for the lovely article about my husband, Judge Rouse. We very much enjoyed reading it and wanted to share it with our daughters, particularly Kelly, who made the Nightcrawler documentary, Cracking the Egg, which was first shown at the Daytona Beach Film Festival in 2008 and at film festivals Austin, Texas; Los Angeles; Portland and other cities. She is a screenwriter and lives in the Los Angeles area.

Some would say Rob was a rock star — though he was the lead singer in the Nightcrawlers for only a few years. He still receives royalty checks for The Little Black Egg.

Again, thank you for the article.

Donna Rouse

Ormond Beach

*Editor’s note: Judge Robert Rouse accepted the William M. Hoeveler Judicial Award with his eldest daughter, Kelly. He also was once considered for appointment to the Fifth District Court of Appeal

‘Home, in photographs’

Dear Editor,

I can't begin to tell you how thrilled I am to see my pelican photo, titled "You lookin' at me," on the front page of the paper! I have to admit, I like that picture a lot, seeing it in print. Wow! This morning, I received some calls from friends telling me they saw the picture — what a great way to start the day! I also see you were able to use a small version of my seagull picture on Page 2. That's a wonderful surprise, as well.

You made my week again! Thank you!

Kim Zechnowitz

Ormond Beach

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