Linda Costello calls communication the key to school district's cleanup

Dec. 15, 2013

A photo of a dirty classroom floor, with the name of the district's custodial firm written on it in dirt, was sent to the School Board as a call to action.


The Ormond Beach Observer reported last week on the issues parents of school children have been having with the Volusia County School Board's decision to privatize custodial work in the district to a company called ARAMARK. Though this privatization will save the district $6.1 million over the next five years, parents complained that a lack of cleanliness has become an issue.

School Board member Linda Costello, who represents Ormond Beach, is in favor of the privatization; however, she aims to improve the transition and work quality.

"We need to let people know who is responsible for what," Costello said. "ARAMARK can't correct it if they don't know."

Costello also said she received a photo of a dirty classroom floor where "ARAMARK" was written out of the grime.

"Of course I told that person that they needed to let the principal know. It is a transition and it's going to take time, " Costello said. "Hopefully, there will be better communication.