Lisa Smith stands with some of the "gifts" she received for her 55th birthday. Courtesy photo

Lisa Smith got dog food for her 55th birthday

Instead of personal gifts, the Ormond Beach resident asked for items to be given to the animals at Halifax Humane Society.
Aug. 29, 2017

Guests attending Lisa Smith’s 55th birthday party in July didn’t bring her gifts. They gave her dog and cat food.

The unusual gifts were alright with Smith, who asked her guests, which included her fellow Song of the Coast Chorus, Sweet Adeline’s International, to bring food and supplies for the animals at Halifax Humane Society.

Smith laughingly confessed there was a bit of “peer pressure” involved.

“The other ladies I sing with have set an example,” Smith said. “When a big birthday comes around they are always collecting for various nonprofit organizations. I was waiting for my big birthday to help the animals.”

Smith isn’t a stranger to Halifax Humane Society, having adopted her pit bull mix, Bunny from the shelter. She selected Bunny,  knowing it’s harder for larger dogs and pit bulls to get homes, and because Bunny got along well with her other adopted dog.