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Cops Corner
Ormond Beach Observer Tuesday, Aug. 29, 2017 2 months ago

Local elementary school broken into, ice cream trashed outside cafeteria

This week on Cops Corner...
by: Jarleene Almenas Staff Writer

Aug. 21

Tampering with Sticky Evidence

2:11 p.m. — First block of Osceola Avenue

Burglary. Police responded to Osceola Elementary after a cafeteria employee discovered Drumstick ice cream cones thrown outside of the building.

Police reported that aside from the sticky evidence left behind, there was no indication of a forced entry. The campus advisor only called police after they realized a few toys were missing from the storage closet, including two sky bouncers and some Four Square orange balls.  

A school employee in both the cafeteria and the Extended Day program said she remembered locking up her office and the building when she left school the previous Friday. When employees arrived on the premises early Monday morning, the found the rear door to the cafeteria slightly ajar.

Because the school cleaned up the ice cream damage and multiple people entered the areas where evidence could’ve been obtained, police said the crime scene was unable to be thoroughly processed.

The campus advisor said some video footage shows some “teenage or high school youth” may have been involved.

Aug. 22

Grand Theft Fail

8:48 p.m. — First block of Granada Boulevard

Arrest. Police arrested a man and a woman after stealing an Audi from valet at Rose Villa Southern Table and Bar.

The valet attendant that evening told police he had seen a man and a woman, who was on a bicycle, pass through the parking lot. He saw the man roaming the lot while talking on his cell phone. When asked if he needed anything, the man told the valet attendant he was “just talking to his girl.”

The attendant parked the 2013 Audi a8, valued at $300,000 or more, and left to park another vehicle. The attendant told police in that short span of time, the pair took off with the car and fled the scene.

Just a few minutes later, police spotted the man and woman driving southbound on S. Nova Road, where they tried to conduct a felony stop. The man refused to pull over, instead continued approaching the area around LPGA Boulevard, where police were able to use a stop stick to deflate the car’s tires.

The man and woman were seen jumping into the bushes near the 1000 block of Kilgore Street, and consequently found. The woman had to be transported to Halifax Hospital for a dog bite received after police utilized a K-9 to locate them.

Once in police custody, the man told police “All you got on me was that I was in the parking lot. I wasn’t even wearing a white shirt. I didn’t even have a shirt on. Come on let’s go, you should be happy you caught me.”

The man was taken to the Volusia County Branch Jail on a charge of grand theft.

Aug. 23

Sick, Drunk and Confused

12:21 p.m. — 1400 block of W. Granada Boulevard

Charging Affidavit. A 66-year-old woman was arrested after she crashed into a pickup truck, and adherently confused and heavily drunk, she tried to flee the scene.

Police arrived to a motor vehicle crash involving a Toyota Camry and a Chevy pickup truck. Citizens told police the woman appeared confused and they had been trying to stop her from leaving the scene.

The driver of the pickup truck told police she had pulled into a parking space at Publix when her vehicle was struck from behind. When police went to talk to the elderly woman in the Camry, she leaned over the front passenger seat and started drinking from a Smirnoff Vodka bottle. She asked, “What crash?”

After police asked about the bottle she was currently holding, she said she had just bought it and then yelled “I’m sick, I need to go to the hospital!”

She told police she was so sick she had been living in a hotel because she couldn’t go home.

Both women were transported to Florida Memorial Hospital and police continued their investigation there. When officers told the elderly woman they were going to conduct a DUI investigation, she said, “I’m not drunk, I’m not DUI!”

The woman received five citations for careless driving, driving with a suspended license, driving with an open container, refusing to submit to DUI testing and a DUI with property damage.

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