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Ormond Beach Observer Friday, Nov. 9, 2012 7 years ago

Local publishes book, based on conversations with God


David Davis says he’s spoken with God, and what He had to say wasn’t pretty. Davis’ book is now available on e-reader.


For local writer David Davis, The Bible makes for good reading, but it’s outdated. That’s why he got to work earlier this year penning a modern account of the word of God, as he says he heard it with his own ears.

“This story of divine intervention comes out of heaven and from none other than the great almighty God himself,” he said of his book, “One Man and God,” which he self-published in August and is now available on e-readers.

Residing a few miles outside of Ormond Beach, David Davis said that he more or less calls this city home.

“We are in Ormond Beach almost every day,” he said. “God just loves it here.”

But there are many things, he added, that God doesn't love.

“People don't realize that God can see and hear what is going on down here on planet Earth, and he is not happy,” he said. “The war drums are beating in heaven! God is pretty much fed up with Americans. The time is at hand to decide if you stand with God.”

The book might anger some people, he added. It might confuse others or lead them believe he’s crazy. But Davis stands behind his work.

“It is just a factual account about me and God,” he said. “(I) can pass a polygraph on anything we have in the book.”

God is even listed on the front cover, as the book’s author.

Copies can be found at Amazon and other online retailers. Call 451 1405.

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