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Ormond Beach Observer Thursday, Mar. 26, 2015 6 years ago

Lopez track: A family on track

by: Jeff Dawsey Sports Editor

Watching a Father Lopez Catholic High School track meet, you will quickly realize that a lot of the girls look a lot like each other. That’s because they’re related. There are five sets of sisters on the team.

“I love having siblings on the team,” coach Sue O’Malley said. “We treat everyone on the team as brothers and sisters to each other; we are brothers and sisters of God, but having all of them leads to sibling rivalries and taking it to a new level of competition amongst each other.”

Each set comes with a unique story and personality. Here is a window into each of them.

Caroline and Allison Lydecker

The Lydeckers are the only siblings who share the same event, the long jump.

Before getting to Lopez, Caroline promised Allison that she was going to be the aggravating sister to her around her friends, but Allison quickly won the war, getting all her friends and Caroline’s to call her “Carl.” Allison also hugs and kisses Caroline on the cheek all the time and bugs her at school.

When the two finally get time away from each other at home, Caroline goes into her room, shuts door and binges on Netflix.

Allison considers Caroline to be weird around her boyfriend. Caroline says that Allison keeps her boyfriend away from her. On Caroline, who is currently single, dating in the future, Allison says, “Bless the soul that ever dates Carl.”

Adrienne and Brianne Yaryan

“It could’ve been worse.” That’s their slogan. All situations could be worse. They’ve experienced some bad ones, like Brianne spilling coffee all over Adrienne’s car on the way to school. What happened afterward? She went to school smelling like mocha, because “it could’ve been worse.”

Always playing on the same teams, the two enjoy each other’s company, which is characterized by constant jokes about each other and frequent, excessive food bonding.

“We encourage the other one to keep eating, so we don’t feel as bad ourselves,” said Adrienne Yaryan, the oldest. “We go home and eat a tub of ice cream by ourselves. We just feel like we can get fat together.”

Brianne joined the track team because she saw Adrienne’s success and wanted to spend more time with her, so they could get on each other’s nerves. When asked if their constant time together leads to fights, Adrienne said, “Well, Brianne was always bigger than I was. I was legitimately afraid of her until two years ago,” she joked.

Paige and Reese Ward

Paige loves to provoke the younger Reese, while she’s training just to get under her skin by yelling at her. When she’s not provoking her, Paige honors her role as the big sister, helping Reese with her homework and cracking her back just to annoy her.

Reese gets revenge on her sister by annoying the boys who try to date her.

“In order for those boys get to her, they have to pass through me first,” Reese said. “It’s not that I don’t want her to have a boyfriend; I just want her to have the right boyfriend.”

While the two don’t see each other at school much, when they meet, Paige touches her on the face, in a blessing manner, or yells out, “I love you, Reesey,” and depending on how their day goes, after school on the way home, they jam out to some music.

Emily and Megan Wilson

The other siblings agree that these two, Emily and Megan Wilson, are the closest. While they admit that they argue all the time, they also say that their reconciliation comes quickly.

While in speech class, they chose to write speeches about one another, thanking and expressing what the other means. Emily, the older of the two, cried upon hearing Megan’s speech, but Megan claims she never cries. While that may be true, she did say she cried when she saw her sister get hit by an SUV after she was running from a loose pit bull a month ago.

After Emily recovered and was ready to run again, she claims that Megan stole her race, but she says that she wasn’t aware Emily cared to run it. While the two don’t see eye to eye on that issue, Emily does credit Megan for motivating her to cut eight minutes off her cross country time this past season, so the two continue to motivate and be each other’s best friend.

McKenzie, Corrin Harris

For the Harrises, boys are off limits, according to Corrin, the oldest. She intimidates and keeps them away from McKenzie.

The two are on the track and dance team, and since they share a room, it’s a little more difficult to separate from one another. That still doesn’t stop them from trying to, seeing they get home and attempt to get as far away from each other as possible.

When they frequently see each other at school, McKenzie tries to avoid Corrin and run the other way, but Corrin chases her down and messes with her.

“I just like to run her down and shower her with my love,” Corrin said.

The constant of all the siblings is that the oldest usually bothers the younger sister the most.

Being the big sister and the first athlete to finish her events, Corrin actually enjoys staying around and rooting for McKenzie during her events.

Another reason McKenzie loves to have her sister around is because she doesn’t have to worry about waiting for my mom to pick her up. Most of the girls like that about the older sister.

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