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Ormond Beach Observer Wednesday, Jul. 5, 2017 4 years ago

Mainland golfer Logan Reese’s next mission: Emmanuel College

Logan Reese hopes to become either a missionary or a professional golfer.
by: Jeff Dawsey Sports Editor

Growing up, Logan Reese loved basketball; he played every year. But, when he had missed signups four years ago, he saw an ad for golf lessons and gave it a try. Reese has never played basketball again.

Reese fell in love with the sport. He even tried out for a homeschooled golf team in Columbia, South Carolina, where he lived at the time, and shot a 57 through nine holes.

“I just got addicted, having free access to a county municipal course,” Reese said. “My mom was awesome enough to drive 30 minutes both ways every day for me to be able to play.”

By the end of his freshman season, Reese was scoring under 50 for nine holes, and then he moved to Ormond and began his career at Mainland.

For his senior season, Reese tallied his best numbers and results. He led Mainland to a second-place region finish with an individual 72-even Par score and a ninth-place state finish.

His play has earned him a scholarship to Division-II Emmanuel College in Franklin Springs, Georgia.

“I’ve had a lot of fun with golf, and it has given me so many opportunities,” Reese said. “I’ve met so many awesome people and been in so many awesome places — all because I decided to sign up for golf lessons after missing basketball signups four years ago.”

While Reese aspires to become a professional golfer one day, he also wouldn’t mind serving as a missionary. Reese has traveled Tanzania in Africa on four different missionary journeys.

After his grandparents — once leaders of the church journey to Tanzania — paid for all of their grandchildren to go a first time, they told the children they had to raise their own money if they wanted to go again.

“I loved it so much, I went back three times with them,” he said. “I raised almost $8,000 total for those trips. I just love the people and the incredible relationships you build are incredible. All the people there are open to being friends with you, and I just couldn’t not go back.”

Although Reese hasn’t gone to Tanzania since 2015, he hopes he will get the opportunity soon, if it means sacrificing time away from golf. He spoke about the big day in Tanzania, where the missionaries would buy a bunch of rice, beans, salt tea and soap and take it all into the slums districts to the people.

“They live in awful conditions with barely a roof over their head, although some don’t have that,” he said. “They use curtains as walls. It’s just an awesome experience to be able to serve them, and I hope I can do it again.”

When asked what he hopes to do with his life, Reese said, “I would love to be a missionary and serve God and other people, if that’s what I’m supposed to do,” he said. “But, if I’m supposed to play golf, I would love to play golf.”


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