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Ormond Beach Observer Saturday, Aug. 29, 2015 3 years ago

Making their mark

by: Wayne Grant Real Estate Editor

Kids go into business to help homeless families.

Wayne Grant

News Editor

The dining room table at the Waterman house was arrayed with colorful items Saturday morning. Containers of beads of every description and art paper in various designs were neatly spread out, ready for the day’s work.

Sarah Waterman and Hannah Spellman, both 9, were about to begin making bookmarks, a business they started in early August.

Business is good. They’ve made more than $400 (all donated to Family Renew Community) selling the decorative, unique items at three dollars each.

“It’s been quite crazy the last few weeks,” said Sarah’s mom, Jeannine.

She and Hannah’s mom, Trui Peeters, posted it on their Facebook pages and they started getting orders right away. They’ve also taken them to their school, Pine Trails Elementary.

Made with Love Bookmarks are made by threading beads on a string, and there’s a seemingly endless variety of beads, charms and other small items available to make a variety of designs. The string marks the place in the book, while the decorative objects hang outside the covers.

Peeters said they hadn’t used their dining room table lately, because that’s where everything is arranged.

“There are beads all over the house,” she said. “It’s taken over our lives, I guess.”

But she said the moms are having as much fun as the daughters. She likes seeing her daughter make things, rather than spending a lot of time playing games on an iPad.

“They are having a blast,” Waterman said. “We’ve been helping them; we go to stores with them. It’s amazing to watch their creativity.”

The project has introduced the girls to many new things, such as going to the post office to mail a package or cash a check.

“All at the age of 9,” Waterman said.

Sarah keeps a book that keeps track of orders, payment, etc., and they’ve also had to buy supplies and figure out packaging.

“We bought out all the beads, stickers and bags in the area,” Waterman said.

Of all the tasks, Sarah says she enjoys making the bookmarks most, while Hannah likes going to the neighbors to sell.

The idea started last summer when the girls decided they wanted to do a project to help a charity. Waterman said as a family they often donate things and teach the kids to help others.

Both girls are big readers, and they ended up with the bookmark idea.

“They took the idea and ran with it,” Waterman said.

She said they decided to help homeless people and found Family Renew while searching the Internet. The organization helps homeless families get on their feet.

Peeters said they like the fact that the money stays locally. She said they will go in person to donate the money so the girls will see where it’s going.

The girls have started to get requests, such as a dragon fly or other animal or team colors. Peeters said many people want to encourage them and some are buying them for stocking stuffers.

She said her daughter never was interested in math, but counting the money is “no problem.”

Visit the Made with Love Bookmarks on Facebook. Bead or monetary donations are welcome. Email: [email protected].

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