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Cops Corner
Ormond Beach Observer Sunday, Nov. 20, 2022 2 weeks ago

Man stopped for speeding arrested after arguing with police about speed

This week in Cops Corner...
by: Jarleene Almenas Senior Editor

Nov. 3

Speed dispute

7:43 p.m. — Intersection of South Atlantic Avenue and Vining Court, Ormond Beach

Resist an officer without violence. An officer was conducting traffic enforcement when he spotted a blue SUV traveling down South Atlantic Boulevard at a high rate of speed — 48 mph in a 35 mph hour zone, the officer soon confirmed.

The officer conducted a traffic stop and informed the driver of the reason he stopped him. After asking for his license and registration, the driver, a 54-year-old Ormond Beach man, "immediately became argumentative," a police report states. The man said he was traveling with his cruise control set to 40 mph and demanded to see a print-out of the police laser findings. 

The officer repeatedly asked to see his license and registration; the man continued to refuse and began recording with his cell phone, as well as demand a supervisor respond to the scene. The officer then ordered him out of the car, and opened the driver side door, but the man grabbed it and pulled it shut again. 

Other officers soon arrived for backup, and the man was again told to exit his vehicle. He refused, and when officers tried to open his door again, they found it was locked. He eventually did exit the vehicle and reached in his pockets for his documents, at which point he was restrained by police and secured in handcuffs. 

He was taken to jail. 

Nov. 9

Breaking curfew

11:14 p.m. — First block of West Granada Boulevard, Ormond Beach

DUI. While monitoring the bridge closure due to Hurricane Nicole, a black truck approached the roadblock where officers where checking drivers licenses, as only beachside residents were being allowed to cross. 

Officers attempted to speak with the driver, a 48-year-old man from Daytona Beach, and noticed his speech and motor functions were altered, according to a police report. When asked where he was going — as there was a curfew in place — the man could not give officers a direct answer. He was asked if there were any firearms in the truck, and the man reached for the concealed weapon at his hip.

He was asked to step out of the vehicle and detained for officer safety, the report states. Officers suspected he was under the influence, but the man declined to perform field sobriety exercises. He also declined to speak with officers, asking instead to speak to an attorney. 

He was takes to jail. 

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