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Ormond Beach Observer Monday, Aug. 26, 2019 1 year ago

Margaritaville celebrates Woodstock

Partygoers celebrated the 50th-anniversary of Woodstock at "Latitude" restaurant in Margaritaville on Saturday.
by: Tanya Russo Staff Writer

Residents in the Margaritaville development off LPGA Boulevard in Daytona showed a bit of attitude at "Latitude," the main restaurant, on Saturday, Aug. 17, when people came together to celebrate the 50th-anniversary of the historic Woodstock festival.

Singers and musicians, an airbrush tattoo artist and a Jimmy Hendrix look-alike celebrity provided some of the fun for the community. Spirits and camaraderie were high as the crowd partied. The event culminated with a concert in the evening when "Big City Band" got the crowd moving.

Here are a handful of Margaritaville residents, and their experience thus far in the community:

Lisa and Rich Morris have been Jimmy Buffet fans since the beginning.  

"I argued in 1979 that Jimmy Buffet was a better singer than Bruce Springsteen," Rich Morris said. 

The couple moved here from Orlando and were the ninth on the waiting list for the community.

Henry Beck and his wife came to Florida in 1968. They lived in Deltona when they decided to move to a different "latitude." Beck likes the laid-back lifestyle of Margaritaville and said people are friendly. Beck's family had gathered for birthday celebrations and the first barbecue in their new home.

Larry and Connie Orell moved to Margaritaville from Beach Haven in Palm Coast. They were drawn to the community because of the camaraderie of the people and the varied activities available to residents.

Hostess Ellen Money moved from Ponce Inlet. She works part-time at Latitude and loves it. She enjoys the relaxed, laid-back feel of the community. People are friendly and there are an abundance of activities.

Resident Lois Gerber moved to Margaritaville from Port Orange. She wanted a single-floor home in a community with lots of activities and events. She enjoys the relaxed life style of the residents plus all of the amenities Margaritaville has to offer.

The staff at Latitude in Margaritaville got into the spirit of the day with peace signs and groovy get up. Photo by Tanya Russo
Lisa Morris shows off her airbrushed tattoo on her foot. Photo by Tanya Russo
Rich Morris sits while tattoo artist Bo Wilson air-brushes a skull and crossbones on his arm. Photo by Tanya Russo
Airbrush tattoo artist Bo Wilson from St. Cloud. Photo by Tanya Russo
Margaritaville resident Henry Beck celebrates Woodstock with his granddaughter Carlie grandson Landon and son John. Photo by Tanya Russo
Musician Freddie Grant relaxes before performing for the crowd. Photo by Tanya Russo
Freddie Grant sings Caribbean tunes and wails on the guitar for the Margaritaville crowd. Photo by Tanya Russo
Singer and guitarist Ryan Olsen performs for the crowd. Photo by Tanya Russo
Thomas Mahan plays Jeff Bowen, alias, Jimmy Hendrix's, guitar at the Woodstock celebration. Photo by Tanya Russo
Resident Lois Gerber poses with Jimmy Hendrix. "Peace," Hendrix says. Photo by Tanya Russo
Latitude hostess Ellen Money poses with Jimmy Hendrix. She said she loves her job. Photo by Tanya Russo
Port Orange resident Judy Gerber enjoys the action at Margueritaville while she poses with Jimmy Hendrix. Photo by Tanya Russo


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