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Ormond Beach Observer Thursday, Sep. 20, 2012 9 years ago

McLeish unleashed on our beaches: 30 volunteers join for cleanup


No butts about it: Shannon McLeish and team do their part to make Ormond’s beaches free from refuse.


One doesn’t expect to find a baseball bat thrown away as litter on the beach, but that’s just one of the items District 4 County Council candidate Shannon McLeish, and a team of 30 supporters, collected during a coastal cleanup last week.

Gathering first at Bicentennial Park, in Ormond by the Sea, McLeish and her team helped collect garbage, Sept. 15, from along the beaches and road shoulders of State Road A1A. They worked for two hours, as part of a worldwide cleanup event, called the International Coastal Cleanup, sponsored by the Ocean Conservancy.

McLeish’s group of supporters collected various types of trash, from bits of plastic, to flip-flops, bottle caps, fishing line and cigarette butts.

For more on McLeish’s campaign, call 214-9551.

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