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Ormond Beach Observer Tuesday, Sep. 19, 2017 4 years ago

Message from Margie Hall in the HOA office

Welcoming new residents

In the 2 1/2 years since in-house management has been in place, there have been over 500 home closings in  the Plantation Bay and Westlake communities.  That’s a lot of new people!  Your management team meets and welcomes new owners and tenants with a “new resident orientation” meeting.  This is management’s opportunity to make a good first impression on behalf of the community to new comers and to share vital information.

Our goal is to make sure every new resident feels welcomed to the community and knows that their management team is here to help with any Association questions they may have and to help make the move into their new home and community go as smoothly as possible. 

During the orientation meeting, that lasts about 30 minutes, management educates new residents on important HOA matters covering many topics, including rules and restrictions and when and how to pay assessments.  In addition, we process vehicle information, assign and activate transponders, instruct new owners on the use of the CapSure security software and assist with requesting a new log-in password for the community’s website.  We try to make these meetings memorable and fun. New residents are encouraged to complete a volunteer application and to attend Board meetings.

We have had the pleasure of meeting some very interesting people from all over the country. Some move here for a new job opportunity or to be closer to family, or just to get away from winter. All new residents are excited about moving into our beautiful community.

New residents are also made aware that any exterior changes to their homes and surrounding property will require approval prior to any work being started.  Forms and guidelines for making modification requests, as well as other important community information, phone numbers for guard houses, trash pickup, and utilities, are reviewed with, and given to new residents in a packet for later reference.  It is not unusual for a new residents to contact us several times with questions on various issues from “Where do I get my mailbox keys?” to “Where can I get a good pizza?”  

Since moving can be very hectic, with so many things to do and get done, calls to make,  a week or so after moving in, a follow-up Welcome Letter covering the highlights of this meeting is mailed to residents with a reminder of when their next HOA fees are due. 

If you are new to our community and may not have participated in this orientation process please contact the management office to get your information package. 

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