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Ormond Beach Observer Monday, Sep. 3, 2018 1 year ago

More development vs. 'Make Ormond green again'

Readers weigh in on the future of development in Ormond Beach.
by: Guest Writer

More development is welcome in Ormond

Dear Editor:

I own a business in both Daytona Beach and Port Orange, but I have called Ormond Beach my home for my entire life, and have been a homeowner here for over 11 years. I am pleased that the city's commercial footprint is expanding and that we are attracting new shops, restaurants and businesses, even if they are national chains.

Ormond has always been a gateway city to a tourist city (Daytona Beach). Out-of-town visitors either take International Speedway Boulevard or Granada Boulevard to get beachside, so I am surprised it has taken Granada this long to be (nearly) fully built out.

I know some are not fans of seeing trees taken down, but if it means more options for myself and my family without having to drive to another city, I welcome it. There are still amazing tree-filled parts of Ormond that can be driven, walked, or biked through (the Loop and the whole central park area of town, to name a couple) that are not commercial corridors like Granada. I hope Ormond can continue to expand and welcome in new business.

Brandon Smith

Ormond Beach


Make Ormond green again!

Dear Editor:

While at the grocery store today, I overheard two gentlemen commenting about the quantity, and size, of the political signs for the local City Commission election. They expressed not remembering such a spectacle in previous local elections. I could not keep myself from intervening. I explained to them the following:

1. In the majority of previous elections, there was no competition. That is, usually, most of the candidates ran unopposed. So this year, those currently in power found it necessary to make a big statement in order to get re-elected as some new names and faces, all with terrific leadership skills, appeared in the local political arena. These newcomers are not politicians. They are just concerned citizens of Ormond Beach looking to get control of the city back in the hands of citizens.

2. Second, the existing five people in office are supported by "special interest" groups (developers, et al) who, along with other big money people, donate substantially to these individuals. You can see by the article in the Aug. 30 edition of the Ormond Beach Observer that each of the five (actually one-hand picked replacement included) currently in office have substantially more funds to work with to pay for these massive signs.

3. What are "special interest" groups? they asked. In this case, "special interest" groups are those people that need favors in the future to accomplish their own special interests with the help from the top who, in turn, have their own special interests. Money begets power and control.

So, as I left them, I advised them to think with their heads and vote from their hearts. They know it is time for a change, but they have got to decide for themselves what is best for themselves and for the city. For me, it is time to end the "good ol' boy" syndrome, eliminate career politicians from office and get a fresh start for Ormond Beach. Make Ormond green again!

Ed Kolaska

Ormond Beach

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