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Ormond Beach Observer Saturday, Jan. 19, 2019 1 year ago

New beach vendors have big plans

Also: Tutoring school adds to staff
by: Wayne Grant Real Estate Editor

The ocean breeze was blowing across a wide, flat beach on a recent day. Alex and Victoria Kratochwill, setting up their beach vendor business at the Cardinal Drive approach, were hoping it was an omen for a great year. Storms and red sand presented challenges last year.

The energetic and personable couple, both 30, are excited about their plans. In addition to umbrellas, chairs, boogie boards, etc., they have a variety of games, such as corn hole, volley ball, a golf game and more. They also plan to work with local artists and bring some of the Ormond Beach art scene to the beach.

Their first year was quite a learning experience, coping with soft sand, high tides, sudden rains, and winds that can send umbrellas sailing away.

“We are ready to dive headfirst into our second year and have received such an overwhelming amount of support and love from the community,” Victoria Kratochwill said.

While traditional vendors have always staked out a spot on the beach, they service the beach from Andy Romano Park to Granada Boulevard. Headquartered in a truck, they have a four-wheeler with a trailer to transport their equipment.

They enjoy seeing families playing their games, instead of sitting and staring at phones.

“We've made it our mission to provide plenty of beach activity for family fun and competition,” she said.

They are environmentally conscious, and will arrange beach clean-ups and encourage their customers not to litter.

It’s a big change from their office life in Baltimore before moving to Volusia County in 2015. But it’s not the relaxing type of job some people might think, her husband said. It’s a lot of work, especially carrying and setting up the equipment.

“But you’re looking at the ocean and not a cubicle wall,” he said.

The biggest perk, he said, is that they get to work together every day, even though they might have the occasional disagreement.

They enjoy getting to know people they meet on the beach.

“We hear their stories and they hear ours,” he said.


A+ Tutoring adds counselor


A+ Tutoring Inc. has announced Romana “Ronnie” Fedun has joined the company. She most recently worked for three years as school counselor for Mainland High School.

Muffi Chanfrau, founder of A+ Tutoring, has welcomed Romana “Ronnie” Fedun as college prep counselor. Courtesy photo

Fedun will help students conduct college research and the application process, as well as assist with scholarships and financial aid. 

Muffi Chanfrau, president, said, “With her addition to our center, we are able to help provide much-needed services as our students navigate their futures in preparation for the next level of their educations.” 

Fedun has served in capacities such as scholarship coordinator, AP Coordinator, testing proctor and academic advisor.

A+ Tutoring celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. Visit

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