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Ormond Beach Observer Tuesday, Apr. 30, 2013 7 years ago

NEWS BRIEFS: City to cut down on roadside signage through $200 fines


The city will take a more proactive approach to signs posted along rights-of-way within the city; plus, park improvements and emergency stats.


It's sign fine time

The city’s Neighborhood Improvement Division will implement a more aggressive enforcement program for signs placed on Ormond Beach rights-of-way.

All signs placed within a right-of-way are considered prohibited, including “portable, revolving, snipe, wind, human directional, balloons or other inflatable,” the city said.

the person or company responsible will be issued a notice of violation for each sign observed, and they will be photographed and removed. Infractions after a notice of violation will result in a $200 citation per infraction.

The city said the proactive approach comes after years of trying to reduce the problem and spending hours every week removing signs.

Call 676-3352.

Airport relief on its way?

Congress passed a federal bill April 26, in an effort to reduce delays at airports across the county. The bill provided the Federal Aviation Administration with more than $200 million, to eliminate the furlough of air traffic control workers.

However, it’s unknown if the bill will keep the Ormond Beach Municipal Airport open. The Ormond Beach airport was scheduled to lose federal funding as part of the sequestration cuts.

Peter Kirsch, the city’s attorney for the matter, said the FAA hasn’t said exactly how it will use the money, although congress intended for it to be used to avoid furloughs and tower closures.

Around town ...

Kevin Gray, public works operations manager, will be City Manager Joyce Shanahan’s guest 8 a.m. Friday, May 3, for Walking with the Manager, at Cassen Park.

The Public Works Department and the Parks Division worked together to replace rope on Riviera Park’s flagpole.

The Parks Division replaced old trash cans at Riverbend Nature Park. Signs were also installed around the Nova Community Center’s gymnastics building and the Magic Forest Rainbow Park.

Urban Forestry crews removed dead trees at 165 Hernandez Ave., 144 Pine Cone Trail and at Fire Station 92. Stormwater crews replaced a storm drain pipe at 1124 Brookside Drive.

Emergency stats

The following numbers, for the week of April 22, were supplied by city staff:

Weekly Police Stats

Calls for Service..........1,642


Citations Issued..........158

Reports Written..........157

Traffic Stops..........240

Weekly Fire Operations Stats



Motor Vehicle Accidents..........10


Fire Alarms..........14

Public Assists..........43


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