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Ormond Beach Observer Tuesday, Dec. 24, 2013 5 years ago

Oasis Church offering box robbed of estimated $25,000


Merry Christmas? An estimate of up to $25,000 was stolen from a local Ormond Beach church's offering box Sunday night. 


Sunday night Oasis Church had an estimate of $20,000 to $25,000 stolen out of its offering box. The Rev. Drew Powell said that it is during the holiday season that the church raises the most money for outside donations.

"This was our big Christmas offering that we do every year," Powell said. "We encourage people to bring their best gifts of the season."

The church, which has around 500 or more members, has been promoting the Christmas offering all season.

Powell said  he found out it had been stolen on Monday morning, when he saw that a window at the church had been broken out.

"Obviously, we are disappointed," Powell said. "Families here give generously for this because this offering goes towards our mission of helping people in the community get to know God better. One hundred percent of what we bring in to this offering goes to things outside of our normal operating budget."

Still, the church's message isn't one of hate. And the first reaction to the robbery is a reflection of that.

"It was more of an opportunity to turn this into a positive thing," Powell said. "How can we live out what we are supposed to be and follow Jesus? So our staff got together, and the first thing we did was pray for the person that stole the money. We thought that this person must really be hurting to steal from a church around Christmas."

This is an ongoing story; check back for updates.

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