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Ormond Beach Observer Thursday, Jan. 18, 2018 2 years ago

Ormond author looks to the stars for new beginnings

Kelly Lowe's new book talks about how she overcame the loss of her husband.
by: Jarleene Almenas Associate Editor

After Kelly Lowe's husband died in 2015, her life changed. 

Her husband had been battling cancer since 2010 and after three years in remission, doctors noticed cancer on his lungs and liver. Lowe said there was no chemo this time. For two years, she dedicated her life to taking care of her husband — it was her main focus.

When he died, Lowe said she felt a tremendous void. She cried a lot in those first few months. So much, that swimming became a release for her.

“I would swim a lot because you can’t cry when you’re swimming," Lowe said.

As a professional astrologer and author, she put her job on the back burner. Writing is Lowe's passion, but while she kept a personal journal, she wasn't ready to write for an audience. However, on the one-year anniversary of her husband's death, Lowe went on a retreat to Hawaii and the idea for her new book started forming in her head.

“It was very inspiring," Lowe said. "It was kind of a turning point for me, I guess I would say. It was everything that I’d hoped it would be.”

Her new book, "The Sun Always Rises," is about the journey to lead a thriving life in the aftermath of loss. Aside from her own personal account, the book also includes other people she interviewed about overcoming other types of loss, such as divorce. Writing the book has helped her a lot with coping with her husband's death. 

“I find that writing feeds my soul," Lowe said.

Ever the astrologer, she said writing the book took place during a major life cycle of hers; Saturn, which she said comes around every seven years and brings change. Her last book was published at the end of her seven-year Saturn life cycle too. 

As astrology is important to her, Lowe said it can be a great tool to understand the process of healing and how to thrive after losing someone.

The timing of her book signing is also important to her. On Jan. 31, there will be a lunar eclipse. It's also the second supermoon in January.

“The full moon is always when things come to fruition—when things come to light,” Lowe said.

With that in mind, she thought it would be the best date to bring her book to light. 

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