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Ormond Beach Observer Thursday, Oct. 18, 2012 7 years ago

Ormond Beach man arrested for having sex with Seabreeze student


An Ormond Beach man, who worked at Seabreeze High School, was arrested for having sex with a student more than 100 times, often on school grounds. 


A 32-year-old Seabreeze High School employee was arrested Oct. 15, for having sex with a student more than 100 times, mostly on school grounds.

Michael Jones, of Ormond Beach, began having a sexual relationship with the victim when she was a 16-year-old junior, according to police records, a relationship that continued until several days prior to the arrest.

Jones and the victim were seen Oct. 12, in the school’s auditorium, by several workers who later brought the victim before administrators, leading, ultimately, to Jones’ arrest.

After the victim admitted the relationship to her parents, it was reported to the police department, which began its investigation.

Jones had been employed by the school for seven years and his responsibilities, according to Principal Robert Wallace, included locker assignments, auditorium administration and assisting in the media center.

According to the report, the sexual relationship between Jones and the victim started during the victim’s junior year, but she had received several text messages from him during her sophomore year, which she described as inappropriate.

The first sexual encounter between the two happened during a field trip to St. Augustine, in the fall of 2011. It developed into a relationship where the victim left class early to spend time with Jones while he worked.

The victim told police they often had sex during lunch, in the auditorium, during the school year, and continued to have sex on school grounds during the summer.

Similar encounters took place at the victim’s home, in public parking lots and in Jones’ home, when the victim was babysitting one of his children.

“There's an expectation, for all of us in the school system, to provide for the safety and well being for students," Wallace said. "To say that this trust has been broken doesn't begin to describe my state of discontent.”

Wallace added that Jones, like all school employes, was subject to drug and background screening prior to his hire.

In one of the police's controlled calls, the victim told Jones her mother had found a composition book they wrote letters to each other in, and asked her about it. Jones told her to throw the book away, because he’d signed one of the letters in it. He also told her that, if he weren't married, he would be with her.

When the victim asked Jones, during another controlled call, if he would get into trouble if the police found out they had sex, Jones replied, "Yes, I’m going to go to jail. Probably for a long time, especially if they make you testify against me".

According to statements, there were rumors around Seabreeze that Jones had “befriended” other female students, as well, and the victim confirmed she might not be the only girl he was involved with.

The Ormond Beach Police Department said they're not aware of Jones being involved with any other students.

Jones admitted to having sex with the victim on school grounds and other locations, but he wouldn’t place an estimation on how many times.

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