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Ormond Beach Observer Thursday, Mar. 2, 2017 2 years ago

Ormond Beach man chosen for special forces

Blake Bailey is currently training to be an explosive ordnance disposal technician.
by: Emily Blackwood News Editor

One young man is postponing his plan to join the family business to serve his country as a part of the Navy's Special Forces. 

Blake Bailey is heading to the Navy this month to start training to become an explosive ordnance disposal technician. The 24-year-old will be stationed initially at a base near Chicago before moving on to several other locations until June when he will be sent on assignment. Overall, he has made a seven-year commitment to the Navy.

The job is exactly as the title makes it out to be; EOD Technicians are trained to disarm improvised explosive devices (in the air, on land and underwater), neutralize chemical threats and even render safe nuclear weapons. It certainly will not be an easy process.

“I am very proud of him and am honored that he has chosen this type of work, protecting our country and its citizens,” said Kelly Chanfrau, his step-mother. “His entire family is going to miss him, including his sister and baby brother Christopher, who idolizes him. His choice is especially poignant for his grandfather, Bill, who was an officer in the Navy during the Vietnam War.”

Bailey is postponing joining the family business — the Chanfrau & Chanfrau law firm — to serve his country.

"I'm very proud, but honestly it's been very tough," said his father, Richard Bailey. "When any service people report for duty, it's hard on the families. He's going to be exposed a lot, but my thoughts and prayers are with him." 

Why has recent FSU grad Bailey chosen such a challenging military path – one that includes a 51-week training that is among the most physically and mentally grueling in all of the military?

“I am doing this for two reasons,” Blake Bailey said. “First, I love my country. Second, I feel called to be part of something bigger than just me.”



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