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Ormond Beach Observer Wednesday, May 7, 2014 5 years ago

Ormond Beach man searches for owners of decade-old Mother's Day letters

by: Emily Blackwood News Editor

When Joe Cirillo of Ormond Beach found Mother’s Day letters in his file cabinet from 1995, he knew it was only right to send them back.

Mother’s Day is all about showing love and appreciation for the most important woman in your life. When your a kid, this is usually expressed through arts and crafts or a gift your father pays for. Ten years ago, a few Ormond Beach fifth graders used their words to say more than just “Happy Mother’s Day.”

A Mother’s Day program ran by Ormond Beach Elks had fifth grade kids from Calvary Christian Center, Ormond Beach Elementary and Saint Brendan Catholic School write letters of appreciation to their mother’s and then read them out loud in a ceremony. Between 1994-97, seven of those letters never got read to their recipients and instead made their home in the back of Joe Cirillo’s file cabinet.

Chairman of the Mother’s Day Committee at the time, Cirillo rediscovered the letters and decided it was only right to send them to their authors’ mothers.

“The response I’ve gotten so far has been outstanding,” Cirillo said. “They’ve been thrilled to get them. Chad Riddlebaugh’s mom had a big laugh over the whole thing. They really enjoyed reading it.”

Pat Forrester, mother of Kelly Forrester, received her Mother’s Day letter just a few weeks ago. She loved getting a letter from her then 10 year old who is now a mother of two kids.

“I was surprised when Joe called and said he had the letter,” Pat Forrester said. “I was excited and when he mailed it to me it made tears come to my eyes to read it. It was wonderful and made me feel so much love from my daughter to know that’s how she felt at that age.”

Out of the seven letters, Cirillo has returned only two. Tracking down the mothers has proven to be a little more difficult than expected. He’s currently looking for the mothers’ of Many Goddu, Sarah Writing, Duane Thomas Rawlins, Joshua Parker and Billy Rossi.

If anyone has information to help Cirillo track down these mothers call him at 441-8151 or email him at [email protected]

Letter Excerpts 

“In someway I think she is magical to me, she could chang a ranging river into a burning fire ratht if she wanted to. She is the only one for me. I would never trade her for another mother.” - Joshua Parker, 1994.

“She always helps me with my homework. She always helps me clean my room. She always helps me feed the cats, birds and dogs. She has a lot of kindness and I love that.” - Duane Thomas Rawlins, 1997.

“My mom is a caring loving person. If she disciplines us it’s cause she loves us. I always trust her with my deepest darkest secrets.” Mandy Goodu, date unknown.

“The way that she show her love is when she hugs and kisses me before and after I get home from school or any place from a long time. My mom has a good sense of humor because she always does something funny.” - Billy Rossi, date unknown.

“I don’t know how to thank her for all the things she does for. The best way I can tell her I love her is to give her hugs and kisses everyday for the rest of her life.” Sarah Writing, 1997.

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