Ormond Beach sculptor Joan Baliker began "Postcards for Peace" to help people mend rifts between themselves. Photo by Brian McMillan

Ormond Beach sculptor creates postcards for peace

Local artist Joan Baliker is advocating for peace among neighbors.
Oct. 30, 2017

Ormond Beach sculptor Joan Baliker has decided to start a local movement encouraging people to "mend fences" with others they have a disagreement with, regardless of the size of the problem. 

Her "Postcards for Peace" are small 4X6 cards with an outstretched hand and the word "Peace" on the cover, with the "P" elongating into a dove. In a letter to The Ormond Beach Observer, Baliker wrote that inside everyone are two voices wanting to be heard: the ego and the conscience. She wrote that people's conscience speaks when "we deeply desire a sane approach to whatever problem that we face in the moment."

"Directing our mind from the negative to the positive focus is the hardest task to do when we feel justified to do the opposite," Baliker wrote. "But, I propose that we give it a try by sending a postcard or two to those you've had an issue with in the past."

Postcards for Peace may be picked up at the Ormond Beach Library for free.