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Cops Corner
Ormond Beach Observer Tuesday, Apr. 2, 2019 9 months ago

Ormond Beach woman with Scarlet fever spits on roommate after he refuses to buy her food

This week on Cops Corner...
by: Jarleene Almenas News Editor

March 14

All the things, all at once

2:30 p.m. — 1500 block of West Granada Boulevard

Petit theft. A 51-year-old Ormond Beach woman was issued a trespass warning from a local supermarket after she "skip-scanned" 19 items and placed them in her shopping bag as if she had paid for them. Police report the items had a $50.40 value combined, and included dog food, clothing and pizza. 

The woman told police that when she goes shopping, she always grabs numerous items at once and thought the items had been scanned. She explained she forgot about the dog food because it's usually in the basket and not on the bottom of the cart. In terms of the pizza, she said she didn't see the barcodes because she usually doesn't buy them.

She told police that she had the money to buy the items. Police issued her a notice to appear in court for the incident.

March 18

Second cycle

10:21 p.m. — 700 block of South Nova Road

Trespass. Police received a tip from an anonymous caller that there was a man harassing people in a local laundromat. The caller said the man was asking for money and looking for cigarettes — the butts, to be specific. 

An officer responded to the business, finding the 49-year-old transient man standing outside. A review of the laundromat's trespass file showed that this was not the man's first police encounter there; he had been trespassed from the laundromat last summer. 

He was issued another trespass warning and taken to jail.

March 20

In sickness and in health

11 a.m. — 1500 block of San Marco Drive

Battery touch. Two Ormond Beach roommates, a man and a woman both 28 years old, were told to separate by police after they got into a physical argument which involved the woman spitting on the man in hopes he would catch her Scarlet fever. According to a police report, the pair — who have a child in common — began arguing after the woman asked the man to get her food since she was sick.

The man refused, and the woman began to curse at him, as well as call him lazy. He ignored her and tried to go back to sleep, the report states. 

However, the woman came back into the bedroom and began to spit in his face telling him, "now you're sick too." At this time, the man got up to leave and hit her in the left side of her face and neck with his hand to get her to stop spitting on him.

The woman called 911 and later told police that argument began after the man refused to buy her food and told her "not everything is about you. I'm sick too." She explained to the officer that she became "overly dramatic" and grabbed a thermometer to demand he show her his temperature, which was when the man tried to get up and leave. He threw the thermometer on the ground, and that's when she said she began to spit on him. 

Because there were no visible injuries on either person, and both admitted to battery on one on another and had conflicting stories, police made no arrests. The pair was instructed to avoid contacts until new living arrangements could be made in a civil manner. 

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