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Ormond Beach Observer Tuesday, Sep. 19, 2017 3 years ago

Ormond-By-The-Sea man arrested after stalking ex-girlfriend

Neil White, 55, had been calling his ex-girlfriend and showing up at her house uninvited since their breakup in August, making her feel unsafe in her own home.
by: Jarleene Almenas Associate Editor

A man from Ormond-By-The-Sea was charged with stalking after harassing his ex-girlfriend after their breakup. 

The Ormond Beach Police Department reported that Neil White, 55, had been calling his ex-girlfriend consistently and showing up at her house without an invitation since mid-August when she broke off their relationship of over 18 years. She told White that she didn't want him to be in her life and that she didn't feel safe with him around. White ignored her requests.

According to a police report, the first incident occurred when White showed up at her house on Aug. 14, demanding to be let in. The victim denied him entry and tried to close the door, telling White she was going to file for an injunction and that he wasn't allowed in her property. White didn't let her close the door and the pair struggled until he let her go, at which point he began to verbally insult her. 

He left her home after that, but proceeded to call her at least 9 times between 4:30 p.m. and 8:28 p.m. Each time, he left a voicemail. 

She contacted police to document the incident, and sometime after this series of events, she attempted to file for injunction, but her request was denied.

Four days after the initial incident, White called her 18 times in a span of about five hours, and again, left a voicemail with each call. OBPD reports that in a couple of the voicemails, White said "she was a weak person," and "I deserve to be answered. I'm going to keep calling like a bill collector."

In one of the messages he also mentioned a man he believed the victim was seeing and that White went by her house and he thought he saw the man's car in her driveway.

The victim told police she felt unsafe living alone or leaving the house by herself, as White had shown up at her house while she wasn't home. She told police sometimes he would sit in the driveway with his car or circle the neighborhood slowly while passing her house. 

On Sept. 5, a neighbor saw White following the victim while she was jogging, unaware of him following her. Later that day, White called the victim and told her he was watching her while she jogged and her wearing "those blue shorts made him miss her more."

Two days later, while the victim was still asleep in the early morning, a neighbor saw White's truck parked outside of the victim's driveway with the engine running. 

On Sept. 13, the victim reported a vandalism incident to OBPD after she noticed her tire pressure valves were missing on her car. She found one of them lying on the grass beside her vehicle, and police said it appeared to have been ripped from the car due to some damage on the valve.

While police officers were investigating the vandalism incident, White drove past the house. As he circled the neighborhood a second time, coming to a stop in front of the victim's home and then driving off. An officer motioned for him to stop, but he didn't comply.

Police found White at his residence, where he said "I drove by [the victim's] residence once yesterday after I got back from the airport and once this morning." He then said "I haven't seen her since August. I had stalking charges."

White was arrested, but is no longer in police custody. This is his third arrest, though the last two are not related to stalking.


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