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Ormond Beach Observer Sunday, Jul. 10, 2016 3 years ago

Ormond mom creates scholarships in daughters' names with the message to pay it forward

Last year, Beth Howard started the Schylar E. Howard and Wyndsor M. Howard Pay it Forward scholarships at Mainland High School.
by: Emily Blackwood News Editor

"She always told us, 'You don't do it to get anything in return,'" said Schylar Howard. "'You do it to create a domino effect.'" 

That golden rule is what inspired Beth Howard to set up scholarships in her daughters' names at Mainland High School a year ago. The Schylar E. Howard and Wyndsor M. Howard Pay it Forward scholarships are awarded each year to two students who have demonstrated four year dedication in an organized sport, — for Schylar Howard's it's track, and for Wyndsor Howard it's soccer — have a 3.0 GPA and wrote an essay about how they will continue to use the "pay it forward," mindset in their future. 

"It's something our mom instilled in us since the beginning," Wyndsor Howard said. "Now we're both college students, living and working on our own. If we can do it, literally anyone can." 

The scholarships are worth $250 each, and both girls contribute half of the money. Her reason for creating these scholarships was that both of my daughters excelled in high school and each had a favorite activity that they loved participating in. Since the coaches and faculty played a significant role during those years, she said it was the least they could do to pay it back — and pay it forward.   

"They both said after the ceremony that if they as college students who work to support themselves can give a little bit to help someone else, there is no reason that others can't do the same," Beth Howard said. 

Howard said the goal with this scholarship was to not only inspire her daughters but other parents and students to find ways to give a little back.

"They pay their own bills and support themselves through school," Beth Howard said. "It takes a village. If everyone reached out and helped one person just a little bit, the world would be a better place." 

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