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Ormond Beach Observer Sunday, Jul. 27, 2014 4 years ago

Ormond residents find peace in paper pulp bowls

by: Emily Blackwood News Editor

The Ormond Memorial Art Museum hosted its Art of Healing class July 24. 

Carol Wang carries around her journal full of thoughts and affirmations so she can try to live a positive life.

“I’m branching out, trying to experience something new,” Wang said. “I always say I can’t draw a stick figure. But you never know.”

Part of her new experiences included attending the Ormond Memorial Art Museum’s Art of Healing Event July 24. The class is a free visual art program open to people impacted by a medical situations, whether they’re a patient, caregiver or family member. Laura Bohn, a professional painter for over 20 years, said the class focused on deep breathing and discovering mindfulness through the arts. The craft was creating paper clay bowls through a circular Mandala design, which means they are creating from the center out.

“Circle designs have been healing since ancient times,” Bohn said. “Every ancient culture on the planet had a circle design that represents healing. Art helps people become more functional when they are stuck and depressed. Through art they find purpose.”

Bohn, who also works as an art therapy intern at Pasadena Villa in Orlando, said art really helps people get in tuned with their emotions.

“It’s about personal growth and creative expression,” Bohn said. “I think they are important for everybody because in our lives we don’t have enough creativity and ways to express yourself outside your everyday work. Learning how to express yourself can release something positive.”

Barbara Acree took the class to meet new people.

“I love art,” Acree said. “It’s always something different and something I wouldn’t think of doing on my own. You get to chat and get inspired.”

“It’s fun watching them come up with their own processes,” Bohn said. “They want to take it back home and they want to do more.”

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