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Ormond Beach Observer Monday, Apr. 21, 2014 5 years ago

OUR TOWN: Ormond Beach PACE Center opens summer and fall enrollment

by: Emily Blackwood News Editor


The Volusia Flagler PACE Center, located in Ormond Beach, is opening their summer enrollment for girls to have a productive break from school. 

Summer break doesn’t always have to be a break.

The Volusia Flagler PACE Center for Girls is offering a chance for middle school girls to retake courses they did not pass and for high school girls the chance to earn 1.5 credits by August 8.

“Our combination of social and academic support makes us unique”, Executive Director Lori Richards said in a press release. “Whatever is keeping a girl from being successful doesn’t magically disappear because she takes the course over. With our on-site counseling staff helping girls to manage their social/emotional challenges, we are help our students gain focus, stress management skills, and confidence needed to get back on track towards graduation.”

Many girls that take summer courses chose to stay for fall.

Classes start June 12.

Call 944-1111

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