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Cops Corner
Ormond Beach Observer Monday, Apr. 26, 2021 1 week ago

Police arrest man squatting in local residence

This week in Cops Corner...
by: Jarleene Almenas Associate Editor

April 15

Cigarette break

8:27 a.m. — 700 block of West Granada Boulevard

Drugs. A 40-year-old Palm Coast woman was arrested after police found her unconscious in her pickup truck, which was still running while parked in a local lot. 

The reporting officer noted a lighter and an aluminum foil containing a "brownish residue" in the center console once he approached the vehicle. The driver-side door was unlocked, and he opened it to turn off the truck. He then knocked on the rear window to wake the woman, who "looked towards the cupholder area of the vehicle before acknowledging our presence," according to her arrest report.

The woman stayed mostly silent while police asked her questions at first, but did ask multiple times for permission to get a cigarette. During a search of the vehicle, officers found cocaine, fentanyl, heroin, crystal meth and narcotic paraphernalia. 

She was taken to jail. 

April 17

Fraudulent lease

10:10 a.m. — 500 block of Sandy Oaks Boulevard

Burglary. A 34-year-old man from Titusville found squatting in a local residence told police he had gotten permission to stay at the home by a friend who claimed she was renting the place. 

Police were called to the residence after a witness called in regarding music and what sounded like an argument coming from inside the home. The home's "for sale" sign and lockbox had also been removed. Officers announced themselves several times before entering the house, and eventually made contact with the man, who informed them he had been staying there for two days. 

Police called the man's friend, who confirmed she had given permission for him to stay there. She said she had signed a lease with a "Jamaican guy and heavy-set woman," according to the police report. However, a mortgage lender representative informed officers that the house was not purchased, leased and no one had permission to be inside. 

The man had a prior failure to appear in court as well as "numerous fraud and forgery charges." He was taken to jail.

April 19

Water toss

10:21 a.m. — 800 block of Peninsula Drive

Battery touch. Police arrested a 42-year-old Ormond Beach woman for throwing water on her boyfriend after he asked her to move out.

According to her arrest report, the woman told police that she had been standing by the kitchen sink when her significant other came to her with his request, at which point she flicked water on him from the inside of a cup she was rinsing, She said her boyfriend then kneed her behind. 

The boyfriend, who did not wish to press charges, denied this. She was taken to jail. 

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