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Ormond Beach Observer Friday, Jan. 4, 2013 6 years ago

Police department's Hayes will retire


Ormond Beach Police Department's second in command, Lt. Kenny Hayes, will retire.


Long-eligible for retirement, the Ormond Beach Police Department's second in command, Lt. Kenny Hayes, who also serves as public information officer, will retire from his position after 25 years of service, according to officials.

“He was an outstanding employee,” Police Chief Andy Osterkamp said. “He was very professional. Everything he did, he put forth 100%. His expertise and experience will be missed.”

Hayes’ wife, Alana Hayes, is also the subject of an FBI and Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigation in a bank fraud case.

The department’s investigation began Feb. 3, 2011, after Sylvie Beaulieu reported Alana Hayes stole $50,000 from her, her husband and her mother. In a report of the investigation, Beaulieu is referred to as Alana Hayes’ friend and neighbor.

Alana Hayes also served as the Beaulieus’ financial adviser after they moved to Ormond Beach in 2003, from South Florida.

According to the department’s investigation, Alana Hayes told Beaulieu in September 2008, that specific funds were “being invested in a long-term Certificate of Deposit and could not be accessed for six years.” The investigation revealed the funds were transferred to accounts Alana Hayes controlled.

Osterkamp declined to comment on whether the retirement had anything to do with the investigation, but said, Hayes approached him and told him he was retiring, which was “his decision to make.”

According to the memo, Lt. Robert “Jesse” Godfrey, "by virtue of his rank and position within the organizational structure of the department, will become second in command."

Hayes could not be reached for comment.

During the time before his unspecified retirement date, Hayes will be limited to administrative duties, outside day-to-day responsibilities of command staff, and he will continue his involvement with the Training Unit and Community Outreach functions.

Officer Keith Feder, took over the position of public information officer Jan. 6.

This article was updated at 5:01 p.m., Jan. 8.

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