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Ormond Beach Observer Tuesday, Apr. 7, 2020 3 months ago

Post: Stay home unless absolutely necessary

The Volusia County Councilwoman says cooperation will lead to a faster return to normalcy.
by: Guest Writer

 By: Heather Post

Volusia County Councilwoman

Dear residents of Volusia County District 4:

I continue to express my deep concerns over the mixed messages being provided and adversely, the mixed reactions/actions from Volusia County citizens in response to COVID-19. As someone who has worked a great deal of her life in public safety response, my first and foremost duty as a County Councilwoman and as a human being, is your health and safety.

It is unfortunate that we have entered these very trying and unchartered times but we are here. Everyone is being inundated with information, but I can tell you that I have spoken every single day with various people on the front lines of COVID-19, getting timely, accurate information on this constantly evolving pandemic. Volusia County can expect to feel its greater effects in the coming weeks. This information is not meant to cause fear or panic. This information is being availed to you to assist you in making wise choices as Volusia County citizens.

The focus should be on reducing ways for people to inadvertently contract the virus and expose others to it, significantly limiting its reach over the coming weeks. The only way to stop this anytime soon is to act as if everyone is infected. This means stay home unless absolutely necessary. If you are unable to work remotely and must leave home for work, I ask you to go straight there and home again and use all precautionary safety measures at your disposal.

The beautiful thing about being in America is that as citizens we are given the opportunity to make many choices for ourselves. That being said, although there may be many opportunities for you to be out and about, I ask you to stand for humanity and for each other knowing unequivocally that staying home for a
two-four week period can save lives.

A person can have the virus for 2-14 days before showing any symptoms. The virus can also remain on hard surfaces for days. Every time you abide by the request to stay at home, you are investing in the safety of your family, and of your colleagues and of your neighbors. You are also investing in the safety and the welfare of our first responders, our healthcare workers, the men and women who have the same daily fears and risks and concerns that you have when they are at home but go back into society and fight on our behalf. So every time you ask, “Should I do this today? Should I abide? Should I believe in the strategy?” show others that their lives are worth it. Do it for your community. One decision to tune out the message and have that playdate or take the family to the store, etc. negates that. Is it worth it?

It is frustrating, it is an inconvenience, and some will question the validity of it but cooperation from everyone now can lead to us all returning to our normal lives and restoring the economy that much faster. Not heeding this will only greatly extend the time of virus spread and the upset to normalcy on social,
economic and healthcare fronts.

I will continue to serve, focused first and foremost on the health and safety of the people I represent. I know that there is tremendous uncertainty for many right now in your jobs, your businesses, education, and more. But we will persevere.

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