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Ormond Beach Observer Friday, Sep. 4, 2020 3 weeks ago

Previously halted by recession, Ormond Grande townhome project is revived

The plans remain virtually the same as those approved in 2004.
by: Jarleene Almenas Associate Editor

A new townhome project is under design for Ormond Beach, and a neighborhood meeting held on Thursday, Sept. 3, gave citizens a preliminary look at what 60 units would look like by the Ormond Lakes subdivision off U.S. 1.

About 25 people attended the meeting held inside the Plantation Oaks clubhouse, where tables were limited to two people — one at each end of the table — and spaced out in the room to allow for social distancing. Project engineer Parker Mynchenberg, who also designed Plantation Oaks and Ormond Lakes, walked the meeting attendees through his proposed plans for the Ormond Grande project, which was previously approved in 2004 and began construction in 2006, but was stopped due to the recession. 

“At that point, we also had [The Plantation Oaks] project, and a couple other ones we were working on," Mynchenberg said. "We kind of put this one on hold.”

Before the development was halted, the water line was extended into the site, drainage was installed, the stormwater retention ponds were dug and the site was filled, Mynchenberg explained. The plans proposed now are virtually the same ones approved by the city in 2004; the 60-unit townhome project in the 1.4 acre lot south of Ormond Lakes Boulevard includes a 3,600-square-foot industrial building in the front. The only change, Mynchenberg said, is the addition of a 6-foot screening fence. 

The townhomes will be two-stories tall and there will be a 30-foot buffer for the residents in Blockhouse Court and Lochwind Lane. The buffer is reduced to 20 feet for Deerskin Lane, though Mynchenberg owns the residential lot closest to the Ormond Grande project.

While Mynchenberg is not handling construction — he's only the project's designer — he estimated their cost could hover around $250,000 to $300,000 based on the market. It's likely the industrial building in the project will be utilized by the construction company as an office, he said. 

When asked about the timeline of the project, Mynchenberg said it depended on the permitting process, but that construction could begin in January and be completed in one phase, depending on how fast the units sell. 

Some Ormond Lakes citizens raised concerns about drainage, seeing as they're already having issues without a new project to the south.

“On too many projects I’m involved in, the biggest issue is either traffic or drainage nowadays," Mynchenberg said.

He assured residents that Ormond Grande will drain away from Ormond Lakes. He's also leaving the majority of the wetlands onsite untouched, save for a small part of the one closest to Deerskin Lane.

Mynchenberg designed the initial drainage in Ormond Lakes, but said over the years, a dry retention pond was filled illegally and a ditch was dug up, resulting in the current concerns today. Mynchenberg said he's already notified St. John's River Water Management. 

No traffic light is planned, and Ormond Grande will have only one entrance and exit onto U.S. 1.


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