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Ormond Beach Observer Friday, Jun. 1, 2018 4 years ago

Proposed five-story project for existing Fountain Square Shopping Village put on hold

The project engineer said there are no construction plans at this time.
by: Jarleene Almenas Senior Editor

The redevelopment project that proposed demolishing the existing Fountain Square Shopping Village in Ormond Beach into a five-story commercial and residential building has been put on hold for the time being.

Project engineer Brad Bauknecht, vice president of Newkirk Engineering, said he and the developer want to educate themselves more on the development before potentially moving forward. He said he doesn't know whether or not the project will be on hold indefinitely, but it could be. 

“We saw a lot of push-back and we wanted to make sure that we facilitate the people that work there at the Fountain Square and also the people surrounding it too," Bauknecht said. "We didn’t want to make as huge of an impact as they thought was going to happen.”

The proposed plans for the construction of a mixed-use building with 5,924 square feet of retail, a permitted use under the site's

The Fountain Square Shopping Village will remain as-is for the time being. Photo by Jarleene Almenas

current Central Business B-4 zoning, were discussed at a neighborhood meeting on April 30, which had about 20 residents and tenants in attendance. Because it was a permitted use, the project didn't need to go through the city's Planning Board or the City Commission. 

Bauknecht said one of the main concerns was the building's height, though he said it follows the city's downtown master plan. The other was the impact on current tenants. 

Damian Bonazzoli, director of Elite Academy of Music and Motion, which is located in the first floor of the Fountain Square Shopping Village, said he wasn't aware that the redevelopment plans were put on hold. It's not a relief though, because Bonazzoli said you don't know what the future holds.

“It’s on hold now, but it may not be on hold in six months," Bonazzoli said. "So ultimately, you just have to take it day by day, week by week, month by month, whatever the case. But I guess I can say I’m pleased to be here and I hope to be here for a long time.”

He said the existing building has an element of Ormond Beach history and that he feels it's an appropriate location for his academy. He added that their tagline "world-class instruction in a positive welcoming setting" goes with the building.

“I think Fountain Square is that,” Bonazzoli said.


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