Purse left alone may be purse that is gone

Apr. 12, 2015

Also: Fences make bad skaters

April 6

Victim leaves purse for couple of minutes

2:37 p.m. — 1500 Block of North U.S. 1.

Burglary of Conveyance.

The victim took her debit card out of her purse to buy gas at a pump, and put the purse back into the pickup truck. After pumping the gas, she walked to the store, where her daughters were waiting, and left the truck unlocked.

When she returned to the truck, her purse was gone. She called police and started calling her credit card companies.

The store clerk told the police officer that the cameras had been down for a while. Fingerprints were lifted, but they showed the suspect was wearing gloves.

The victim’s daughter was on the phone and reported the credit card company said someone just tried to use one of her cards at an ATM at 1521 W. Granada Blvd., but the transaction was declined. The officer planned to check for a security camera at the ATM location.

April 6

Skateboarders become nightriders

8:40 a.m. — 400 Block of North Nova Road.


After vandalism had been reported at a skate park, the police officer noticed a significant cut in the fencing large enough for a person or bicycle to pass through.

The surveillance video showed a half-dozen juveniles using the skate park after hours from about 9:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. One subject is seen using a bicycle in the park and another is seen throwing a skateboard over the fence and then climbing over.

The video did not show the fence being cut and some of the suspects remained outside the fence.

The officer requested extra patrols for the area. Damage to the fence was estimated at $500.

April 7

Check those $100 bills 

9:09 p.m. — 1500 Block of San Marco Drive.


The victim said he posted his Xbox for sale on a local Facebook swap page. The suspect contacted him through Facebook, asking how much he wanted. The victim replied that he wanted $200 for the console and two controllers. The suspect then sent a message saying she would come to the victim’s apartment that night.

A car arrived with the suspect and two males. One of the males walked up to the patio and asked the victim if he would take $175. The victim said he would only take $200, and the suspect gave him two $100 bills. The victim handed over the Xbox.

After the victim when inside, he noticed the bills were obvious counterfeits. The victim tried to reach the suspect through Facebook, but she had blocked him.

The victim showed the officer the Facebook message string, which contained the suspect’s profile picture. It showed that the suspect had a tattoo on the left side of her neck.

Through a computer search, the officer was able to locate a driver’s license photo that matched the suspect. He then was able to determine that the suspect had been a suspect in an identity theft and fraudulent credit card transactions.

The victim had the serial number of the console and said he wanted to press charges.