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Ormond Beach Observer Monday, Feb. 24, 2020 4 months ago

Reader says Ormond Beach City Commission continues to ignore residents

What happened to "of, by and for the people"?
by: Guest Writer

Dear Editor:

"Quite frankly, I want less government in my life," Troy Kent, our deputy mayor, said in the Feb 13 edition of the Ormond Beach Observer. Strong words. I do not know if he is aware that, from the peanut gallery side of this whole government issue, we have been dealing with "less government" for too long.  

Let me, again, quote Abraham Lincoln: "Government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from this earth." Government in Ormond Beach has not lived up to Mr. Lincoln's principle.  The way we have existed here over the past several years has not been "of, by, and/or for" the people. 

This city is governed in a manner that, although the residents appear to have a say on topics, their voices are ignored. Where is the "of, by and for" in that type of government? I, and many, many others have addressed topics over the past several years only to have our pleas and appeals squashed by the power of a few. That "power" is called the "last word" — the final vote, so, basically pleas and appeals do not mean squat. 

It is amazing how headlines in the newspapers grab your attention — almost to the point that they scream at you! Case in point, from another newspaper on Feb. 13: "NSB rejects borrow pit project." The New Smyrna Beach City Commission listened to the people and acted in their behalf. This is the second time in the past year that this action on the part of the NSB City Commission made headlines. Wish it were catching.

Another headline (this one in the Ormond Beach Observer on Feb. 13) was also an eye catcher: "Trees get grassroots support." Well, thanks to the likes of a certain OB city commissioner, that ship has not only "not sailed," but also may be sunk. 

But, there is also another hidden message in that headline: "grassroots." Our leaders are so concerned about residents getting involved in their business, that they forget to mind the store! Has anyone noticed that, at the whim of the powers that be, our beautiful median on Granada Boulevard has been chopped up? The crop of weeds is to die for (a few have reached the 18-inch limit). I am sure that the visitors and other tourists during speed weeks and the 500 were really impressed by — the City of Weeds! Maybe Ormond Beach will be recognized for another award. It is bad enough they killed the trees.

Ed Kolaska

Ormond Beach

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