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Ormond Beach Observer Sunday, Feb. 24, 2019 2 years ago

Reader supports City Commission

Also: Tennis center provides a great experience, visitor says
by: Guest Writer

CANDO2 does not speak for all

Dear Editor:

I attended the Feb 19th meeting of the Ormond Beach City Commission, at which time lots of points and counterpoints were presented on both the car wash project on Granada Blvd. and the proposed changes to the election terms for the city.

It was very offensive to hear numerous CANDO2 and others opposed (to just about everything brought up) say that they “speak the word of Ormond Beach” or “the citizens of Ormond Beach have spoken.” While we live in a free country, these citizens do not speak for me or represent my opinion. They clearly do not even represent the majority of those who voted in the last elections … otherwise, their candidates would have been seated on the dais last night.

Definitely refreshing to see commissioners consider both sides of issues and take a vote based on practical approaches to decision making. If development that is approved based on existing rules and reviewed rationally (for example, the Commission voted not to get rid of the one tree at the development), the City as a whole will prosper and continue to become a very affordable place. My point is proven with the city audit report and facts presented last night by the CPA from James Moore & Co. Ultimately, no one is disregarding the environment; Mr. Holub can attest to that. However, again, I urge those that unilaterally oppose to development to come up with a rational approach —

either we continue to absorb development based on existing ordinances and check-points or our city’s tax structure will have to change. I am certain the same people vying for no development would be the first to complain that the city taxes would need to be raised.

Lastly, I also urge the Commission to be very considerate of monetary donations or side-deals. The first that would have been considered on a west Ormond project several months back was not accepted and voted down as illicit. Then, last night, a $10,000 donation was approved as a condition of the vote. We are lucky to have a developer agree to an individual donation … but this should not have been included as a condition of the approval. Nothing against the Historical Trust but, in my opinion, approving as a condition sets a bad precedent.

Rafael A. Ramirez

Ormond Beach


Editor’s Note: The City Commission makes decisions based on existing ordinances but sometimes allows variances and special exceptions.


Thanks for tennis

Dear Editor:

This is just a short note to let you know how much my wife, Marianne, and I have been enjoying tennis at the Ormond Beach Tennis Center under the leadership of Clay Robinson and the guidance of Coach Kevin Tierney. This program is such a God-send to us “snowbirds” who come down to your lovely city to get away from the harshness of our NJ winters. Not only do we get to enjoy your beaches, your restaurants and attractions … but we also get to improve our tennis game with fun and encouraging instruction.

These courts are pristine and very much utilized and appreciated by residents as well as us transients. Thank you for all that you do to make OB what it is today and what it will become tomorrow.

Dan Winfield

Waretown, New Jersey

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