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Ormond Beach Observer Monday, Apr. 30, 2018 4 years ago

Readers react to coverage on Jeff Boyle's personnel file

Here's what your neighbors are talking about.

Article on Jeff Boyle was 'mean-spirited'

Dear Editor:

Deflect. verb. “To cause (something) to change direction by interposing something; turn aside from a straight course.”

I must say that this is what I see after reading some of the articles in the Ormond Beach Observer that concern the issues on growth and development in Ormond Beach. If what I have read hadn’t been so mean-spirited, it might be funny. 

To bring up “allegations” on Mr. Jeff Boyle that are over 30 years old to try to “deflect” from the real issues ... really? That’s the best they can do? And what in the world would any allegation have to do with tearing down our city? I can only think of one, and it has nothing to do with something that may have happened over 30 years ago!  

And to report that the documents were sent anonymously? (That person who sent them should be ashamed of himself; quite the cowardly act!) Let me have six guesses as to who sent them. Please! 

And if I am not mistaken, Mr. Boyle is not an elected official, so does that mean that in the future other private citizens who chose to speak out against what is going on in City Hall can expect to have information about them get “anonymously” sent to the press? Quite the slippery slope, if you ask me.

And trying to say that because Mr. Boyle is the CANDO 2 spokesperson he is making the issues political? The only ones making the issues political are those who refuse to listen to concerned citizens, and those who change zoning laws to help real estate agents and developers. And those who tell citizens that if they don’t like the development they can put their houses up for sale and leave. (Yes, that was actually said at one of the City Commission meetings.) 

Our commissioners have made it political because they have now ignored the citizens and what is best for their neighborhoods and city. And when one of the commissioners’ spouses threatened me with a law suit because I voiced my opinion as to why I thought the citizens were being ignored — that made it political for me! 

We, the people, are not stupid. We, the people, have seen through the deflections, the intimidation and bullying. This is our city, not just the commissioners’. They work for us, or at least they are supposed to work for the people. And in my eyes, they have failed miserably, and it seems that they have given me only one option since they refuse to listen, and is political — my right to vote!

Lisa Bennett

Ormond Beach

You are sinking to 'their level' by publishing story on Boyle's file

Dear Editor:

Jeff Boyle’s alleged history with the Volusia County school system was mailed to me — in an unmarked envelope — since I’m one of many citizens in Ormond Beach who have been outspoken about the development in our city and how the mayor and City Commission have ignored our protests and pleas and have gone with the developers on everything they wanted and annihilated our beautiful forestry along West Granada Boulevard and continue to do so.

I think by publishing the story about Jeff Boyle's personnel file in your paper that you are sinking to their level. It has nothing to do with what’s going on. It’s simply the powers that be trying to besmirch a man with a good heart who cares about our community.

Some of us are worried about the environment — others are simply worried about how much cash they can put in their pocket.

The file reveals something that allegedly occurred 40 years ago, based on testimony given by hormonal teenage girls. Nothing ever happened except the woman he divorced most likely got ticked off and probably got her friends to go along with her. I deal with real disgusting harassment at my job — real horrid problems — rape, etc. This was nothing.

You will most likely lose readers for publishing this garbage.

Lori Bennett

Ormond Beach

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