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Ormond Beach Observer Monday, Jun. 24, 2019 11 months ago

Readers respond to story about plans for Julian's restaurant site

Some not happy about gift shop plans.
by: Guest Writer

The story about Julian’s restaurant drew lots of comments on the Observer Facebook page. (See story on Page 3)


I have grown up here and have many fond memories of Julian's. I also understand it has stood too long to be saved. However, adding a gift shop is NOT the answer. We are slowly losing our beautiful Ormond Beach.

— Heather Armstrong Hudson


I used to work there back in the 80’s. It was a great restaurant back then. Sad to see it go.

— Pamela Rose Zorda


Another gift shop? A great addition along with all of the dollar stores and gas stations

Michele Way


Wow another gift shop! What a waste of a fantastic property.

— Jacob Boudreaux


Hey everyone, Try doing something yourself. The city of Ormond isn’t doing this. It’s someone who has an idea and is actually moving forward with it. Do I love it? Nope. But good on them for being active with their passion. Want a coffee shop? Open one. Want a restaurant? Open one. You guys hardly show up the local stuff we have here anyways.

— Kyle T. Altes


This was the most amazing set up of restaurant that I had/have ever been to. My grandparents took us every year! It needs to be re-opened and set up as a piano bar/restaurant just as it was!

— Amanda Morgan Greene


Loved all the great meals and celebrations we had there with family. Will never forget

— Merrill Carter


That place is classic- like a time machine- all the murals. Dated but hip retro...hate to lose it for another gift shop.

— Sue Perocchi Mcdonald


That’s kind of too bad. It could’ve been a really cool Polynesian sort of luau place if somebody had thought of it maybe. We really need another souvenir shop?

— Jennie Eldredge-Bird


Loved Julians...Another tourist gift shop … blahh.

— Merry Day


This was going to happen a long time ago, but never did, be glad their rebuilding and not just a parking lot either....

— Tina Pintor




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