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Ormond Beach Observer Monday, Feb. 4, 2019 8 months ago

Readers respond to Tree City award

The city received the award from the Arbor Foundation.
by: Guest Writer

Tim Scheiber All you have to do to keep the designation is have a tree board, have a tree ordinance and have Arbor Day once a year. You are allowed to cut down every tree in the city and still keep the designation it is not about the trees it’s about the arbor day festival gathering.

Stephen Guth The designation is more pomp and circumstance than substance. I lived in Doral, which is far less tree-dense than Ormond Beach, and Doral has received the designation year after year.

Jennie Kurono How in the world when you destroyed all the trees on that stretch from Orchard St. to Nova?

Pam Connor Granada is a COMMERCIAL area...not an area of nonmanicured vacant lots. I'm thankful someone was willing to invest in our COMMERCIAL area.

Mark Edwards Take the blinders off, folks. There are still all types of trees in every nook and cranny in Ormond Beach.

Geri Westfall Adams There are still plenty of green spaces all around us. Ormond isn’t close to becoming a concrete village.

Michelle Blais Main Obviously not aware of all the unpermitted tree cutting going on in our tree neighborhoods that used to be filled with lovely oaks and road canopies!

Darren Serwas What a joke!

Terri Krachun Skibbee I only see trees coming down ...all over the town ... how can they win this....

Heather Costa Obviously, The Arbor Day Foundation isn’t aware of the irreplaceable trees destroyed to accommodate an unnecessary gas station.

Dawn Chase I have lost all respect for the Arbor Day Foundation.


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