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Ormond Beach Observer Sunday, Feb. 10, 2019 2 years ago

Recycle for the good of the planet, reader says

Also: Post is right about tax.
by: Guest Writer

Just do the right thing — Recycle

Dear Editor:

It is incomprehensible to me that much of our world is choking to death on our garbage, yet recycling efforts seem to be on the chopping block due to economic constraints.

It is an essential flaw of our profit-driven economy that such necessary measures as keeping our planet livable for everyone must be shoved aside if pockets are insufficiently lined. Whatever happened to just doing the right and sensible thing? Considering the extent of the problem, cleaning up the mess we’ve created and preventing future damage is obviously an essential need. Dollars and nonsense, that’s what I call it.

I might be a dinosaur, but I remember when glass containers like milk bottles were sent back, sanitized and reused. What happened to that concept? I suspect that the political clout exercised by petroleum interests — those whose products are an integral part of all that plastic — had something to do with it. Then, there is our sue-happy society in which our valiant knights in armor tilting at the big, bad, all-too-real windmills of the insurance companies (aka TV lawyers) exhort us to seek recompense at the drop of a hat — or a glass milk bottle.

As that dinosaur, I recall an old Jack Benny routine in which the iconic comedian is confronted by a robber who demands, “Your money or your life.” After a long pause, the robber prods Benny, “Come on, come on.” Benny answers, “Wait a minute. I’m thinking about it.” Seems very fitting in this case.

Stephen L. Doll

Ormond Beach


Sales tax a bad idea

Dear Editor:

Thank you, Heather Post, for being the sole member of the Volusia County Council to oppose the very bad idea of holding a special referendum, estimated to cost at least half a million dollars, to determine the future of an even worse idea, a half-cent sales tax. A half-cent doesn't sound like much, but it is nearly an 8% increase to our existing sales taxes. Heather is right. The sales tax is the most regressive of all forms of taxation and hurts everyone, especially those least able to afford it. I wish the Council would spend more time on finding creative ways to reduce expenses. Like avoiding unnecessary special referendums. Particularly this one, because this grab for our wallets to fill the pork barrel is not going to fly.

Alan Hovey

Ormond Beach


Attention Ormond Beach residents:

Dear Editor:

On Tuesday, Feb. 19 at 7 p.m., there will be a City Commission meeting at OB City Hall. An item of primary concern is the vote regarding the proposed car wash for the Granada Pointe site. The Planning Board has voted it down, but the city commission can still pass it. Do not let a committee of five approve of a matter that will negatively affect a major thoroughfare in our city for years to come. There is strength in numbers! Show your support along with your fellow neighbors. We all look forward to seeing you there to express your opinion.

Ed Kolaska

Ormond Beach

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