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Ormond Beach Observer Monday, Oct. 29, 2012 7 years ago

Rockefeller Revisited takes residents back to 1920s' Ormond Beach


Visitors to The Casements' Rockefeller Revisited event stepped back in time for a guided tour of John D. Rockefeller’s former home, and stumbled upon some of his dinner guests. 


Ormond Beach residents took a step back in time to the 1920s Saturday, Oct. 27, and met some of John D. Rockefeller’s dinner guests.

As part of Rockefeller Revisited, visitors were taken on a guided tour of The Casements, Rockefeller’s former home, and met several of Rockefeller's friends and contemporaries.

Among the historical figures were Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone and Thomas Edison.

At each stop on the candlelit tour, an historical figure, all waiting for a dinner party to begin, talked about their connection to Rockefeller and Ormond Beach.

Henry Ford, played by Greg Dudley, talked about inventing the Model T, streamlining production and visiting Rockefeller in his hometown.

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