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Ross employees: hear my plea
Ormond Beach Observer Thursday, Sep. 10, 2015 4 years ago

Ross employees: hear my plea

by: Emily Blackwood News Editor

Will I ever live in a world where Ross puts the price tag sticker on the back of the frame?


It was 1 p.m. on a Tuesday afternoon when I finally found time to hang the bronzed, vertical mirror I recently purchased at our local Ross. After ripping through the strategically placed cardboard corner protectors, I knew I was faced with nearly impossible task: peeling the price sticker from the glass.

The numbers “14.99” taunted me as I naively attempted to remove it with simply my nails, which barely took off the edges of the sticker. My next tools were a little more advanced. Water, a rough, old cloth, and all the strength my forearms could muster scratched and peeled and scraped until there were just two small white spots left. Though they were little, those spots held their own through glass, counter and event toilet cleaner. I scrubbed and scrubbed until I left my fingers turning red. Fearing the glass might break in my honest attempt to clean it, I took a break to write this column in hope that someone with an in at Ross will see it.

Please, please, please put the price tag sticker on the back, bottom, or wherever area of the item is least likely to be seen by most of mankind. If you are worried that us shoppers might be too used to the luxury of having the price right in front of our eyeballs, and go into some sort of panic-induced riot because we can no longer find it, fear not. I believe we are all capable of simply turning a gold frame around, or lifting up a purple owl statue to find that the price is exactly where it should be.

After resting my tired hands for a few minutes, I was able to fight through the final spots of my $14.99 nemesis. My fingers may be sore, and there may be a scratch in my mirror where I attempted to use a knife, but the sweet sense of victory was oh, so worth it.

And oh, so unnecessary.

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