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Ormond Beach Observer Monday, May 2, 2016 3 years ago

Sandcrab mascot smells like the football team's locker room

Seabreeze High School is currently raising money to buy a new, cleaner mascot costume.
by: Emily Blackwood News Editor

Seniors Anthony Scrofano and Alex Thompson have spent many three-hour periods inside Seabreeze High School's old crab mascot costume. 

Over 10 years old, the costume's fabric is worn, extremely hot to wear and has a slight hygienic issue. 

"It's like a bunch of sweaty people in one enclosed area," said Thompson. "It's bad." 

"It smells like the guys' football team's locker room," agreed Scrofano. 

According to senior class sponsor and official mascot costume cleaner Jennifer Campanella, the main issue with the Sandcrab is ventilation. Mainly the fact that it doesn't have any. 

"It's very, very hot," Campanella said, "and there's no fan. Having the unit is expensive, and a costume can cost anywhere from $4,500 to $10,000." 

Students and faculty are currently working on a new design that will better portray the school's mascot. Scrofano said when he wore the costume during last year's Christmas parade, little kids had no idea what he was.

"A lot of them thought I was a lobster," he laughed. 

"It's just not very menacing." Campanella said. "We're supposed to be The Fighting Sandcrabs." 

Want to donate to the cause? 

The school currently has a GoFundMe page set up, and has raised over $700 dollars. 


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