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Ormond Beach Observer Tuesday, Mar. 12, 2013 6 years ago

Seabreeze Battle of the Bands, March 14: Musician roster


Featuring several Ormond Beach acts, the Seabreeze High School Battle of the Bands will take place Thursday, March 14. These are the scheduled performers.


Seabreeze High School, 2700 N. Oleander Ave. will host a Battle of the Bands 7 p.m. Thursday, March 14. Competing for prize money, the acts are listed as follows:

Sorry About Your Daughter: Michael Arcuri, Charles St. James, Andy Aguiar, Danny O’Leary, Brandon Castaldi and Nick Harshman.

The Bo-Jangles: Savannah Savino and Nathan Robbins

The Teaches of Peaches: Mike Beute and Shelby Skinner

Ceol Allainn: Adam Raymond, Paul Batten, Kayla Chadwick and Brendan Hayelen

The Fringes: Max Haberman, Giovanni Barreto, Travis Hanson and Jeremiah Cronin

Ukular Meltdown: Jonathan McConnell and Carlyn Ellison

MPSD: Nick Marlatt, Roger Brainard and Zach Duran

The Greater Purpose: Ryan McAndrew, Joey A. Tann, Kayla Oakley Sern and Nikkiy Depascale

Wolfpack: Jett Wolfe, Joshua Reid and Hannah Holtzendorf

All Tied Up: Ara Kirakossian and Brandon Castaldi

Just for the Occasian: Joey Tann and Annamarie Carrubba

Carlo Cavaluzzi

Tickets are on sale for $7. Call 258-4674.

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