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Ormond Beach Observer Wednesday, Jul. 10, 2013 6 years ago

Shear Dimensions helping provide haircuts to 2,000 homeless kids


Shear Dimensions Salon, at 175 S Nova Road, is partnering with other local salons to provide 2,000 free haricuts to needy kids.


After 24 years in business, you learn to do things a little differently.

At least that’s the view of Robert Pavelo and Michael Stauffer, owners of Shear Dimensions Salon 175, at 175 S. Nova Road.

In addition to helping their stylists start their own companies and offering public classes which teach stylists the latest styles and techniques, the owners are now changing the way they keep track of their client base — the “holy grail” of any salon-type business.

This year, Shear Dimensions began using a cloud-based salon booking system, which allows both the stylist and client to view and engage with the appointment book.

Some salon owners would be afraid that this technique would open the system up too much for losing clients, Pavelo said. But he believes in spreading the client love as much as possible and feels that sharing clients and stylists among several salons is good for his industry.

Another way in which the salon believes in spreading the love is through charity work.

Marketing Supervisor Daniela Behler has partnered Shear Dimensions with other salons across the state in offering 2,000 free haircuts to homeless children.

For the owners of Shear Dimensions, they’re in the fashion business, so it’s key that they stay stylish.

The appearance of a salon can many times determine a client and stylist’s experience at the salon, Pavelo said. That’s why he made such an effort to give his salon a chic feel, when transforming a former wine store into his current salon. He said he also changes the colors of the salon to keep up with modern styles and prevent stylists and clients from feeling stagnant in the workplace.

The first thing you notice when walking into Shear Dimensions is the color bar. The idea of the color bar is to emerge clients further into the experience, Pavelo said. There, they can watch stylists create the color that is going to be used in their hair.

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