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Ormond Beach Observer Wednesday, Aug. 5, 2015 4 years ago

Shoemaker cleared in hit and run

by: Wayne Grant Real Estate Editor

After an investigation, the state attorney’s office has dropped charges against Dr. James Shoemaker, of Ormond Beach, who police had suspected as being the driver who injured a workman at the intersection of Ormond Lakes Boulevard and Indianhead Drive on June 17. Shoemaker’s attorney, Jeremy Buckmaster, of Buckmaster Law, Daytona Beach, said he supplied the state attorney with affidavits from three witnesses that placed the doctor in Ponce Inlet near the time of the incident.

Ormond Beach Police Chief Henry Osterkamp said Shoemaker has been eliminated as a suspect and the case is now open.

On June 17, witnesses said a driver of a white Mercedes Benz sedan ignored a workman’s instructions and continued past a detour sign, running over his foot. After checking automobile registrations for a nearby neighborhood, the investigating officer listed Shoemaker as a suspect because a white Mercedes was registered in his name. However, Buckmaster said he pointed out to the state attorney that Shoemaker drives a gray SUV and his wife drives a white Mercedes Benz convertible with a blue top, not a sedan.

The injured worker was identified in the report as Frank Jones of Daytona Beach. At the scene, he said he was in pain but declined treatment.

Osterkamp said he has received a complaint about the Ormond Beach police investigation from the Shoemakers and is looking into it. Buckmaster called the investigation a “rush to judgement,” saying the investigating officer did not make a good faith effort to talk to Shoemaker before going to the state attorney.

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