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Ormond Beach Observer Monday, Nov. 5, 2012 6 years ago

From the sidelines: Lady Gaga and Mitey Mite football


My experience at the Nov. 3 Mitey Mite Bowl is unlike any I've had at any football game.


There are many ways to experience a game, and each provides different a insight on the sport and its players.

Most of the time, we watch from our couch, be it for the Superbowl, the World Series or just a regular season match-up.

But the view from the couch is a whole lot different than the view from stadium seats — or even better, from the sidelines.

When you buy tickets for a game, you really only get one view. It’s a sacrifice for being there, and it's usually a worthy sacrifice.

But the sidelines give you flexibility.

For the Mitey Mite Bowl Nov. 3, I got off the couch, shunned the press box and bypassed the stands. I was standing field level, watching the Ormond Beach Sandcrabs take on the DeLand Bulldogs. And I took in everything this view had to offer.

Players sat on the bench, feet dangling, some unable to reach the ground, as coaches went over plays, assignments and coverages.

I’m not sure just how much the players understood from the Xs and Os their coaches were trying to get across to them, though — especially since I can only remember seeing four distinct plays: run left, run right, throw deep and a reverse that backfired for DeLand.

Sometimes during the game, I even forgot that I was watching such a young group — the youngest allowed to play football in this city. This happened most when coaches screamed at officials, just like in the big leagues.

Or when a running back broke a big run and was headed for the sideline right in front of me. I instinctively backed up the closer the players got to me, not wanting to get trampled by the action. I guess I forgot these players barely reached my elbow.

But there was one moment that snapped me back to the reality occuring on this little league field. In between plays, a Lady Gaga song started playing on the field’s speakers. And one of the players couldn’t help but dance, just a little.

It wasn’t all-out dancing, but just enough to be noticeable from the sideline. It was a little kid, being goofy, having fun, being a little kid.

It wasn't a bragging, celebratory touchdown dance like you see on TV. It was a Gaga dance. And you really don't see enough of that in the NFL.

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