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Ormond Beach Observer Monday, Jan. 4, 2021 3 months ago

Standing O: OBPD's Apryl Andrasco is a jack of all trades

Whatever the department needs, Andrasco makes herself available.
by: Jarleene Almenas Associate Editor

Bottom line, Apryl Andrasco said she works for her department. 

Whatever the Ormond Beach Police Department criminal investigations unit needs, she does. Whether that means aiding with a photo lineup, researching, gathering data or putting together criminal histories, Andrasco, an administrative assistant with the department, is the woman for the job. 

When she comes into the station in the morning, the first thing she does is read every single report that was generated since the previous day. She scans them for any errors and pulls any report that need to be assigned to a detective. Those, she passes on to her boss who will then put the right detective on the case. 

“I’m just available for the department, for whatever they need," Andrasco said.

As a former police detective, she knows what their job entails, and wants to make sure she can help as much as she can.

Andrasco began her career in the city of Ormond Beach in 1996. She started working part-time in Leisure Services before she took a full-time position as a community service officer the police department. It was then, when she saw the impact officers had on the community, that she decided she wanted to pursue a career in law enforcement.

At the time, Andrasco recalled, the city had a sponsorship program that helped put her through the police academy and guaranteed her a position in the police department upon graduation. Over time, she became a detective in OBPD's criminal investigations unit. 

Victoria Lancaster, a crime scene technician for OBPD and one of our Standing O nominees last year, nominated April Andrasco. File photo

"She is without a doubt the glue that keeps the criminal investigative unit together. Her job title of administrative assistant does not encompass all that she is or does. She works diligently reviewing and distributing reports, answering questions, making sure sex offender checks are completed and so much more. This year has been trying on so many people due to the pandemic. Apryl took it upon herself to make masks (multiple) for all the members of the PD. She is truly a giving a wonderful person. The city of Ormond Beach is very fortunate to have such a dedicated and wonderful employee."

Victoria Lancaster, OBPD crime scene technician

Then, when she developed hearing issues, she found herself having to go a different direction. However, she found that in her new civilian position, she could still make a difference.

In fact, Andrasco oversees a large portion of the city's sex offender database, including updating as needed and notifying affected communities of sexual predators. 

When the COVID-19 pandemic reached Volusia County, Andrasco, who sews, played a part in keeping the officers safe. She made masks — enough for each officer to have two or three. 

“It was a good experience," she said.

Her favorite thing about her job is the people she works with. 

April Andrasco began working in the city in 1996. Photo by Jarleene Almenas

“I’m very blessed to work with some really good people," Andrasco said. "[Working with] our team, our criminal investigations unit, is by far the best experience that I’ve had.” 

In her position, Andrasco also helps to ensure officers are recognized for the work they do. For example, she wrote the nomination form for Detective Ryan Mihalko, who was recently recognized as Volusia County's Crime Stoppers' Officer of the Year. There weren't many awards ceremonies when she was an officer, and while she said law enforcement don't solve cases for the accolades, the recognition is always nice. 

Leaving her career as a detective was hard, Andrasco said. But she had to keep in mind a certain cliché: When one door closes, another one opens. 

“[My job] was something that I loved, and I enjoyed," Andrasco said. "I didn’t want to give it up but I had to. So, I just had to tell myself things happen for a reason and you still have value and can make a difference. And that’s what I do.”

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