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Ormond Beach Observer Monday, Mar. 11, 2019 1 year ago

Stories on the Observer Facebook page draw comments.

Readers talk about sales tax and strategic planning
by: Guest Writer

Proposed sales tax increase:

Brian Wilson Absolutely NO NEW TAXES!!

Sandee Hull I have read all articles and agree with most issues. One thing stands out are the outrageous salaries plus perks that are placed on the average taxpayers.

John Barrett No. Fiscal Discipline is needed.

Bernadette Williams How about impact fees? How about the over 55 communities pay school taxes? We are the only county in Florida where they are allowed to get away with that!!! Newly built homes get a one-time tax? We have to pay extra for a new car!!! How about new home tax on water hookup? Figure something out besides taxing us!! THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX

Margery Kostman Six new housing/condos within a mile of Granada..GREAT PLANNING.!!! Can’t get on Granada now … Money Money … More stop lights.

Ormond Beach City Commission strategic planning session:

Betsy Mathena Great ideas! Just a little late.

Daniel R Blankenship I’m glad the mayor sees something positive happening, I read the article on A1A. Short of Flapjack Johnny’s going into the old Burger King, the rest of the plans sound pretty sad. A whole lot of nothing happening on beachside.

John Stone Too late.

June Schweers Farley What a bunch of crock!

Roberta Richardson HMMM What are your plans for Hand?


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