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Ormond Beach Observer Sunday, Oct. 20, 2019 4 months ago

Surf boutique opens in Ormond Beach downtown

Shop features artist who uses surf board resin
by: Wayne Grant Real Estate Editor

A surf boutique has opened at 128 W. Granada Blvd. offering surf apparel, accessories, sunglasses, jewelry and miscellaneous items such as back packs and bags.

It’s the first shop for owners Amanda and Craig Frick, of Ormond Beach, but they are not new to the merchandise. They are representatives for 12 manufacturers in the surf shop industry.

They have visited shops all over the world, and the décor of the new shop was inspired by surf boutiques on the Gold Coast of Australia, famed for its beach life. Shelves with unpainted wood, jute rugs and tropical plants give it an atmosphere where you would walk barefoot, fresh from the beach.

“We wanted to bring a fun, quaint, surf boutique to Ormond Beach,” Amanda Frick said.

They also have jewelry from third world organizations such as Fair Trade, which makes sure the artisans are paid a fair wage and child labor is not used. Next spring, they plan to introduce swimsuits to the merchandise and surf boards will come in the future. Frick would also like to have a braid bar.

She said they have been very much welcomed by the business community, and will take part in the Nov. 2 Art Walk, with five artists in the parking lot. A free shuttle bus 5-8 p.m. takes visitors to six different galleries in the Art Walk.

Frick is also planning to have a desert pop-up event during the city’s Home for the Holidays parade.

“We wanted to bring a fun, quaint, surf boutique to Ormond Beach.”

AMANDA FRICK, Neighborhood Shop

They’ve also been welcomed by customers, having made their sales goals for the first couple of months. There’s some synergy with the next-door Chef RX, and they are looking forward to the barbecue restaurant planned in the former location of the dry-cleaning store.

“We’re excited and thrilled about being in the arts district,” Frick said. “There’s a lot of energy. Everyone has been so welcoming.”

The couple will continue to work as product representatives for the surf shop industry, with an office in the shop. She said previously they worked out of their home, which presented difficulties.

“You need to separate home life and work life,” she said.

Find them on Instagram at Neighborhood_shop_womens or Neighborhood_shop_granada or call 281-3122.


Surf board resin used in ocean art


The Neighborhood Shop also sells the art of a local artist who uses surf board resin to create aerial beach scenes. Hailey Nolin, 22, a 2016 graduate of Seabreeze High School, creates wave action in her art by using a source of heat, such as a hair dryer or blow torch.

“I have to work quickly because it cures fast,” she said.

Hailey Nolin creates beach scenes using surf board resin. Courtesy photo

Her art is also on display at Arts on Granada and 63 Sovereign.

She loves the medium because she never knows exactly how the piece will look until it’s done, though she has an idea for the color and shape. Also, she has always lived near the beach.

Originally, she used resin to stabilize art, then realized she actually liked the way the resin looked. After doing some research on social media, she found that other artists use resin and color can be added. After experimenting, she developed her technique.





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